Vanessa Angustia is a Senator for Izquierda Unida/Podemos in Spain. On 20.5.2018, she was part of the delegation of 45 International Observers and Overseers who attended the Presidential Elections in Venezuela to check on the honesty of the electoral procedure. Determined to see to the failure of Nicolas Maduro, the Western governments criticised the whole process.

The Spanish government refused to accept the result, but the Observers and Overseers declared this election free and fair. Nicolas Maduro had been rightfully re-elected President of the Republic of Venezuela. Two days later, Vanessa Angustia (MP) challenged the Spanish government from the floor of the Spanish Senate.

She analysed that the “anti-democratic position of the Spanish government” in this matter amounted to “an interference by its lack of respect for the will of the Venezuelan people“.

This is a short summary of Vanessa Angustia’s interview by Prensa Corriente Revolucionaria Bolivar y Zamora (PCRBZ), 24.5.2018:

Vanessa Angustia finished the interview with the following words (also extracts), useful to all those interested in Socialist construction:

Vanessa Angustia speaks to the Spanish parliament.
Vanessa Angustia speaks to the Spanish parliament.

 “In Venezuela, the great victory is to have an organised popular power, along with labouring classes able to defend their own selves, in the perfect knowledge of which is the enemy and who is the aggressor.  And they act accordingly whether or not they have divergences or criticisms to make. They know perfectly who are those whom they must face, who want rights and sovereignty taken away from them.

This [conduct] rewards a policy that does not try to fragment their vision of life.  It does not talk of economy over here, and of politics, social guarantees and international policy over there.

In Europe and in the United States, those in power impose this fragmentation on the peoples, to stop them having a global view or a comprehension of their reality, provoking political de-motivation in this way, and the fragmentation of the struggles.

I believe that to be in Venezuela, is to take the plunge in a pool of reality. Many are those – men and women – who should go there to take lessons of humility, and meet a people that  knows how to defend and protect its own self.

It is always amazing to see with what joy the Venezuelan people lives this process, even at the most difficult moments, as when it went to vote for the Constituent Assembly – considering the levels of right-wing organised violence and the extremely harsh economic situation.

There is much to learn here for ourselves, like the example contained in the cultural and social codes indispensable to democratic participation.  In seeing to our own democratic guarantees, this is a fount of teachings that one must ponder about”.

This partial translation was volunteered by The complete interview will be posted here when its English translation becomes available from source.

The French version of this document was published (also on 24.5.2018) by Venezuela Infos. It can be found on the French side of this site, or:

« La grande victoire du Venezuela, c’est d’avoir un pouvoir populaire organisé »

The feature photo we have used above shows the Venezuelan people voting for the National Constituent Assembly on 30.7.2017.

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