With 98,78% of the votes counted, the Electoral National Centre gave the official results. The total participation was 46%, amounting to 8,360 million votes. Out of these, 6,190 million went to candidate Nicolas Maduro who won this presidential election with nearly 68% of the votes cast. His opponent Henry Falcón scored some 1,918 million, this being 21%. [The other candidates were the Evangelist Javier Bertucci – and Reinaldo Quijada].


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Only recently, the Bolivian vice-president Alvaro Garcia Linera had this to say: “Once again, the people of Venezuela holds the key to the future of Latin America. Exactly like two centuries ago, as in the epoch of Simon Bolivar, its historic role is to protect our continent in the face of an empire and stop the latter from erasing the other centres of resistance“. After four years of economic war, the task was going to be hard, as for the indigenous people of Autana of the State of Amazonas who organised in drizzling conditions to cross the Orinoco river in order to reach the polling stations. (Picture above).


Article 228 of the Venezuelan Constitution stipulates that will be proclaimed winner the candidate with the majority of valid votes regardless of the level of participation. [..] It is important to note that the hard core of Chavism, which has always oscillated between 5 and 6 million votes, has remained intact and even increased compared with the 2015 elections when the right wing had won. Here the abstention comes essentially from a fragmented opposition which obeyed a boycott call, or just depressed by the failure of its violence to “Out Maduro” in 2017 and disappointed by the abandonment of its chiefs. The pressure exerted by the economic war and the US sanctions has hit a historic fibre of popular resistance; it even awakened a whole organisation at the base, notably where the distribution and production of foodstuff takes place, in concrete harmony with Nicolas Maduro’s social measures and programmes .

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(Photos 🙂 Nicolas Maduro est réélu Président de la République avec 68 % des voix


DdsBrfDVwAAC1IrGreat joy in Caracas on 20 May 2018. Nicolas Maduro salutes his partisans assembled around the Miraflores Presidential Palace, soon after the announcement of his victory by the National Electoral Centre.

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