AGENT ZELENSKY: UKRAINE IN LIQUIDATION – We publish this article by Manlio Dinucci – a brief summary of the international press review …

We publish this article by Manlio Dinucci. It is a brief summary of the international press review Grandangolo Pangea that was broadcast on Friday August 11, 2023 on the Italian TV channel Byoblu.

 “Zelensky relaunches the war on corruption. Zero tolerance against the corrupt and those who enrich themselves with war”: such is the headline the daily Avvenire, giving the image of a simple and honest president who renounces all privileges and fights corruption.

This image, relayed by all the political and mainstream media, is demolished by the investigation of Scott Ritter: “Agent Zelensky”. Scott Ritter, a career soldier in the United States Marines and specialized in intelligence, gave proof of intellectual honesty and courage when, as the head of the UN inspectors in Iraq in 1991-1998, he concluded that Iraq did not possess any weapons of mass destruction; and he later publicly opposed the 2003 war. His investigative documentary film shows the offshore companies set up by Zelensky and associates in tax havens, through which “his puppeteers provided him with a little financial cushion” with an initial payment of $41 million. It shows the luxurious villas that Zelensky owns in Miami (which alone is worth $34 million), in Israel, in Italy at Forte dei Marmi, in London, in Georgia, in Greece – and even in Crimea (Zelensky’s sole misguided investment because now he no longer owns it).

Scott Ritter’s investigation simultaneously demolishes the false story of Russia destroying Ukrainian wheat and thereby starving Africa. The reality is that Cargil and other multinational agribusinesses are grabbing the best land in Ukraine and using the wheat produced there for their own strategies. In this context, the US plan is to reduce food security in Europe to better control the allied countries.

Ukraine – the survey shows – is not only robbed of its land, sold off by Zelensky and his associates to multinationals, but is increasingly indebted. The huge military supplies it receives from the United States and the biggest European powers are not offered, but given on credit. Ukraine has thus already accumulated such a foreign debt that it would take centuries to repay it. This debt will increase further with the “reconstruction” that Zelensky has put in the hands of the American company BlackRock, the largest investment company in the world.

Manlio DinucciTranslated from Italian by M-A P

Featured photo: At the EU – CELAC summit, where the 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean imposed the ousting of Zelinsky, whose presence was wanted by European countries.

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