Hasta la Victoria Fidel!

SALUTE TO THE REVOLUTIONARY LEADER FIDEL CASTRO, HIS  COURAGE AND HIS CONTRIBUTION TO THE BUILDING OF THE CUBAN WORKERS STATE! Following the death of Fidel Castro on 25 Nov 2016, the posadiststoday.com salute the historic bravery and creative capacity of the leadership of the Cuban Revolution and that of the Cuban people itself.

Fidel Castro led the struggle to create a society based on the elimination of extravagant arrogance and luxury; a society based on sharing and equitability; a society where the human being is treated with dignity, against and away from the ignorant and shameless indignity of capitalism.

Photo from Alfredo Serrano's blog (Economist) in his article: Fidel, Siempre Punctual"
Photo from Alfredo Serrano’s blog (Economist) in his article: Fidel, Siempre Punctual”

Impelled by the triumph of the Soviet Union in the Second World War, Fidel Castro and the revolutionary teams around him built a Workers State, very simply, without any need for capital outlay, based on the respect for the human being, on the resolve, the audacity and the immense creative capacity of the human being.

The posadiststoday.com salute the people of Cuba and of all the Americas who resist the degeneration and insolence of what is left of world capitalism. We salute the people of Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela, who have helped slow down the attacks of imperialism against Cuba through many initiatives of continental solidarity and integration between themselves.

The posadiststoday.com salute Jeremy Corbyn’s declaration today – day of the launch of the Labour Party’s campaign in defence of the NHS – where he says:

“Fidel Castro [..] managed to bring good quality health services to all the people of Cuba, good quality education to all the people of Cuba and, of course, he had a foreign policy which was global, but particularly important in Southern Africa in supporting Angola against the apartheid regime.” – see the source in the link below.

Capitalism collapses economically, but above all socially and culturally. The capitalist leaders for whom the only values of life are sex, money and power, cannot begin to appreciate the towering achievements of Cuba in the field of the human relations.

It is not true that the young people of Cuba “want dishwasher and cars”. The people of Cuba, young and old, want to preserve the national sovereignty of their country, and they will fight anybody trying to roll it back. They value the socialist relations conquered by their revolutionary leaders in 1959, against the Batista regime that had sold Cuba to US and world imperialism.

Hasta la victoria, Fidel!

fidel-castro-condolenceIt is not true that Fidel Castro divided the Cuban families. The class struggle divided the families. Those who left for Miami were not pushed by Fidel. They left because Fidel stopped them profiting from the continued sale of their country – and its people, through vilest exploitation and prostitution.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election in the United States, some capitalist leaders dream of going, or returning to Cuba (mostly from Miami), to set up the new political parties of their rotten class interests; they hope to base themselves on the existing counter-revolutionary groups still in Cuba, like ‘Arco progresista’, ‘las Mujeres en Blanco’ and the ‘Union Patriotica de Cuba’. Along with others, each of these groups is supported by US and world imperialism.

In biology, the virus does not have the democratic right to stand against the antibiotic. In the human relations, the parties of war, superstition, egoism and predation do not have the democratic right to stand against the representatives of the universal interest. The Communist Party of Cuba has played the role of the representative of the universal interest, and it can still choose to continue to do so.

The posadiststoday.com call on all the Communist parties, workers parties and Trade Unions of the world to draw strength from this consideration.

We send our condolences to the people of Cuba, to the leadership of Cuba, to the Communist Party and Trade Unions of Cuba. We send our condolences to the Cuban Embassy and to the Cuban Solidarity Campaigns in Britain.

Posadiststoday.com – 26.11.16



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