THE REVOLUTIONARY PROGRESS OF LATIN AMERICA AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF DUAL POWER: The maturity of the people of Venezuela and the determination of its government allow that country to resist the blockade and sanctions imposed on this Bolivarian Revolutionary State by the US and their allies in various countries of Latin America and Europe.

16.11.19: 600,000 demonstrate in Caracas in solidarity with Evo Morales of Bolivia
16.11.19: 600,000 demonstrate in Caracas in solidarity with Evo Morales of Bolivia

The resistance of Venezuela calls attention to a very elevated experience supported by collective struggle and collective organisation. It influences  the progressive movements and currents in the whole of Latin America. It communicates its confidence to them.

Back in its turn, the victory of the ‘Frente de Todos’ in Argentina has greatly weighed. In Ecuador, the mobilisations have put the government of Lenin Moreno on the back-foot. There is a great popular insurrection in Chile, and in Brazil, Lula was helped out of jail by the big  mobilisations of the population there. Regardless of what happened afterwards, Evo Morales was re-elected in Bolivia.

All these events lend a very important support to the revolutionary process in Venezuela and Cuba. This intervention of the masses in Latin America signifies the rejection of the policy of imperialism and of the IMF. It all means failure for the neoliberal measures as they cannot give a solution to the problems of the population.

Caracas, 16.11.19: Militiamen and women prepare to defend the demonstration against Guaido's provocations.
Caracas, 16.11.19: Militiamen and women prepare to defend the demonstration against Guaido’s provocations.

A deep change is taking place in the world relations of forces. It has already led to the creation of popular organs, as highlighted in Venezuela by the example of its ‘civico-military unity’. There, the organisation of popular power receives a military formation to protect the population in each locality, each commune and each State . This secures the movement of the basic consumer goods, as well as the places where people work and live.

Let us be clear: neither US imperialism, nor Nato, the European Union or the Latin American right-wing are going to stay passive in front of this wave of mass insurrection. Although not fully developed, the State coup of the right in Bolivia proves the point. The same goes for the attempts at murdering Evo Morales when he was on his way towards Mexico.

Instal dual power in the whole of Latin America

Movements in support of the teachers' strike in Colombia
Movements in support of the teachers’ strike in Colombia.

One must give an organic form to this process of rebellion racing through the masses of the South American continent. New blood is running through « the veins of Latin America » [1] and in this, the new Mexican government of Lopez Obrador plays an important role. Popular mobilisations multiply from Haiti and Panama to Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. In Ecuador, the indigenous movement rejected the Lenin Moreno’s decree – raising the price of diesel and oil – and won the support of the trade unions and other sectors of the exploited masses.

The denunciations of neoliberal policies and of the International Monetary Fund that spring up everywhere must be accompanied by the demand to create a Constituent Assembly with a programme of social measures.

The construction of an anti-imperialist and anti-neoliberal United Front will be essential as base to defend the conquests made by the Bolivarian States and to unify the peoples of Latin America.

Les Posadistes, November 2019

The featured image is the massive demonstration in Caracas (16.11.19) of from 600,000 to one million Venezuelans demonstrating against the coup in Bolivia, in solidarity with the Bolivian people.

[1] Refers to the « Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent”. This book’s author is the Uruguayan journalist, writer and poet Eduardo Galeano.

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