NEW CHAVIST TRIUMPH IN THE MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS OF VENEZUELA (10.12.17): “The important Chavist victory in these elections confirms – like the votes of July and October* – the abyss between the image of “dictatorship” heavily painted by the medias and a record-winning democracy that beats all records in the matter of elections.”

From VENEZUELA INFO 11 décembre 2017: 

Nouveau triomphe chaviste aux élections municipales du Venezuela

The salute this article by Venezuela Info, and reproduce extracts here to give a pre-view to the reader. The above link will open in French, but its English translation will be posted on this link as soon as possible. The reader may even be able to locate the English translation by investigating the link.

Maduro meets the crowds
Maduro meets the crowds

Here goes further extracts:

“More than 300 Mayorships were won over the 335 in contention, and a post of Governor was retaken in the strategic oil State of Zulia.”

“In 18 years of revolution, this ballot is the 24th. The President of the Council of Electoral Specialists of Latin America (CEELA), Nicanor Moscoso, took care to emphasise how the parties of the right as much as those of the left declared themselves satisfied of the 9 official inspections previous to the elections. “This auditing process is particular and unique in the region” he said. “It allows for all the stages of the process, everything that is planned and everything to do with its implementation, to be controlled by technicians and the members of the different political parties in the Electoral National Centre”.

The translation of those extracts and all highlights are from the Editorial Board of posadiststoday.

* 30 July 2017: National vote to elect a group to re-draft the Venezuelan Constitution. 15 Oct 2017: National consultation to elect State governors.

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