We relay here the text of the declaration in support of Nicaragua adopted at the 24th meeting of the Forum of Sao Paulo (FSP), held in Cuba from 15 to 17 July 2018.

As in the case of Venezuela, the medias show their role in support of reactionary propaganda by putting all the blame for the situation on Daniel Ortega’s shoulders whilst they publish only the pictures of his opponents.

On the 19thJuly 2018 however, Nicaragua celebrated the 39thanniversary of its Sandinista Revolution, as shown on our feature image.

Here goes the FSP’s declaration, translated by Internationalist 360° :

The XXIV Meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum held in Havana, Cuba from July 15 to 17, spoke of the situation in Nicaragua, rejecting interventionism and condemning the destabilizing, violent and terrorist actions of the coup right.

With this pronouncement and resolution, the Forum supports the Nicaraguan government for its progress in the restoration of order, as well as the rights of the Nicaraguan people, violated by the coup leaders of the right.


The XXIV Meeting of the Forum of Sao Paulo, meeting on July 15, 16 and 17, 2018, has pronounced in relation to the events that have taken place since the month of April in the sister republic of Nicaragua:

We reject interventionism and specifically, the foreign interventionism of the United States government through its agencies in Nicaragua, organizing and directing the local far right to apply once again its well-known formula of the so-called “soft coup” for the overthrow of governments that do not respond to its interests, as well as the partial actions of international organizations subordinated to the designs of imperialism, such as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH).

We condemn the destabilizing, violent and terrorist actions of the coup right that according to the same strategy applied in other countries such as Venezuela, seeks to ignore the constitutional order of Nicaragua by failing its initial objective of overthrowing the Sandinista government led by Commander Daniel Ortega Saavedra, that has promoted dialogue and consensus as a way to overcome the crisis.

We denounce the serious acts of barbarism and violation of human rights committed by the Nicaraguan coup and terrorist right with the denial of the right to free movement, destruction and burning of homes and public buildings, kidnappings, torture and murder, as well as  entire cities held hostage by the criminal hordes of fascist groups at the service of US imperialism, imposing terror and death among its inhabitants and, in particular, among the Sandinista population.

We recognize the legitimate right to defense, exercised by the Sandinista government in the face of the aggressions perpetrated against it by the lackeys of  empire; legitimate defense that has tried to be presented by the media of the right as massacres against the people, as well as their portraying the criminals and torturers captured by the Nicaraguan authorities as political prisoners.

We express our deep sorrow for the deaths that occurred as a result of the wave of violence that has plagued Nicaragua, established and encouraged by reactionary sectors in service to US imperialism. Deaths that the media on the right have manipulated, presenting them as a product of massacres perpetrated by the authorities, when in reality they have been the result of confrontations provoked by the fascist right, as demonstrated by the fact that there is a similar amount of dead between the opposition ranks and the Sandinista ranks, as recognized by the experts sent by the OAS. While for its part the IACHR – despite its evident bias against the government – has been forced to admit that there have been no torture practices against those detained by the National Police, which contrasts with the actions of the coup groups against the people who have fallen into their hands.

As a consequence, we support the continuation of the investigations and clarification of all the crimes committed, as well as the punishment of those responsible. In this regard we highlight the role that the Truth Commission has been playing.

We support the calls made by the Nicaraguan government in favor of peace and overcoming the situation through dialogue within the framework of the Constitution and laws.

We support the Nicaraguan government for its progress in the restoration of order, as well as the rights of the Nicaraguan people, violated by the coup leaders of the right, including the right to free movement.

We call on all the progressive and revolutionary forces of the world to strengthen solidarity with the struggle of the brotherly people of Nicaragua for the restoration of peace in the face of the criminal destabilizing attempts of the oligarchy and the pro-imperialist right, adding us all to the slogan #NicaraguaQuierePaz.

Given in Havana, Cuba, on July 17, 2018.

Notes from the Posadists Today: ‘Nicaragua Quiere Paz’ means: Nicaragua Wants Peace.

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