SOLIDARITY WITH THE BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION: We  express full solidarity with the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro who survived an attempt on his life on 4 August 2018. This was on the occasion of a military ceremony in Caracas during which drones loaded with explosives ended up injuring several soldiers.

We salute the rapid and loyal reaction of the Bolivarian army which defeated this assassination attempt. The army does this every day in its vigilance against the repeated aggressions – from the Latin-American right-wing and from Yankee imperialism – all intent on stopping the progress of the Bolivarian Revolution.

We give full support to the Venezuelan people whose vitality, energy and immense determination take the process of the Bolivarian Revolution forward. They build the Revolutionary State by putting the exercise of popular and democratic power at its core.

Maduro Campaigns in the Presidential Elections
Maduro’s campaign in Monagas, 4.5.2018

We fully support this process and the 2019-2025 projects that Nicolas Maduro reiterated  when he was re-elected President.

These are as follows:

  • Stabilise the economy, restore economic growth, reinforce the local Committees for Production and Supply (the CLAPS), and stay attentive to all their diagnoses and solutions.

  • Reinforce the fight against corruption and bureaucracy, particularly where paper-money is being traded. Build on the moral ethos of the patriotic citizens to surmount the difficulties.

  • Through organs of communal and peasant power, strengthen and press Popular Power up into all the systems of security, social protection and public education.

  • Defend the country from the aggression of the North American imperialists and their policies of sanctions which target the entire Venezuelan population.

  • Continue the independent, solidary and rebellious struggle on behalf of “the Socialism of the XXI century” as ratified by the elections of 20 May 2018.

The Posadists, 5 August 2018